After 10 years of continuous career growth in big corporations with chronic sickness that she never had time to care about, the founder started to realize that her working life moved so fast that something was missing in life. She was good in time management for work but never had time to take care of herself.She heavily made use of her brain and core but never been a reward of nourishment. She was so busy that she never had a moment to appreciate anything surrounding her.One sick day in freezing working station, she made herself her own blend of tea instead of coffee as usual. Holding a warm cup of tea pleasingly paused her busy moment while pleasant aroma of fine tea put a smile on her face. She found her simple appreciation and quick serenity at last. She just wished she could enjoy nourishing benefits from that pleasure as well.

THE GIVING TEA is inspired by simple delight of giving back something rewarding to yourself. The experience of fine healthy tea not only gratifies to the mind, senses, and physical body, but also reflects to the simple appreciation of your love to yourself. When you love yourself you can love anyone else. Happiness is true when shared.We believe in a life of health, balance, and well-being. There is much more to life than letting it flow in rapid world and forgetting to appreciate life as it is. Our products and how we work reflect our SIP value.

Meet the Team

The Giving Tea is managed by The Giving Tea Co., Ltd. We are a registered company under Thailand law.

Weeraya Rawichutiwan (Tik)
Weeraya Rawichutiwan (Tik)Managing Director
“Tik spent most her entire life sacrificing for what she does, heavily made use of her brain and core but never been a reward of nourishment. Lucky enough to get chronic illness, she finally found a balance of life when she decided to give back something rewarding to herself in everyday of life. A good cup of tea was her first simple appreciation and continues to be her life-long passion.”
Boonyawat La-ongthong (Ont)
Boonyawat La-ongthong (Ont)Operating Director
“Even with mom and dad as doctors, Ont has a strong belief that natural remedies still plays an important role in today advanced modern medicine. Living in hectic city of Bangkok, he always searches for healthy and clean food when possible.”