Why herbal tea has to be difficult to drink? Does it provide real health benefit ? Why it is so troublesome to prepare? We started to design our product from the most important element – the raw material. We focus on using local herbs that have health benefit in Thai traditional medicine discipline but not yet widely known. We believe in science so we run the herbs through several tests so that we know for sure what substance each herb contain and what health benefit each herb provides. We mix herbs together so that it has the best taste, smell and look. Blended tea is packed in pyramid tea bag for maximum health benefit and better taste. Pyramid tea bag allows herbal teas to be infused as close as possible to loose leaves infusion, but with less preparation.

The Giving Tea Cleansing leaf

Use of Thai Herbs

Ordinary plants with knowledge of Thai traditional medicine made extraordinary herbal tea. We encourage the studies of Thai herbs, add value to local produces, and crate jobs for community.

Pyramid Tea Bag

Silken pyramid tea bag allows more herbs in contact with hot water to infuse better and healthier tea than typical paper tea bag, without staple or glue.

Refresh The Giving Tea tea bag

Scientific Proof

R&D with Mahasarakham University under project funding by NSTDA, Ministry of Science and technology, to ensure health benefit by scientific proof of efficient antioxidants.

HPCL Test herbal blended tea
การให้เป็นสิ่งที่ดีที่สุด The Giving Tea gift

Giving is Core

The Giving Tea is inspired by simple delight of giving back something rewarding to yourself, sharing good things to others, and inspiring giving back to community.

Herbal tea research project with Mahasarakham University

Signing ceremony between The Giving Tea Co., Ltd. with Mahasarakham University for joint research project.

Yes, our tea are from research project. We have studied tens of herbs to understand their health benefits. Blending is experimented with Thai traditional medicine knowledge in mind.

The Giving Tea signing patent with Mahasarakham University

Petty Patent signed between Mahasarakham University and The Giving Tea Co., Ltd.

Petty Pattern. Cleansing Tea. The Giving Tea

The Giving Tea in Media

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