THE GIVING TEA is inspired by simple delight of giving back something rewarding to yourself. The experience of fine healthy tea not only gratifies to the mind, senses, and physical body, but also reflects to the simple appreciation of your love to yourself. When you love yourself you can love anyone else. Happiness is true when shared.

Cure and Care herbal blended tea.
Organic green tea in pyramid tea bag
Mulberry Rice blended herbal tea flavor
Organic and natural tea. The Giving Tea, Thailand.
ชาสมุนไพรย่านางแดง Cleansing Tea

With more than 7 years of experience in premium silk box gift set. We have standard silk box sets or if you prefer, we can customize a gist set for you. Logo can be customized, to use your company logo. Every piece is hand-made with love and care. Proud to give this tea gift set to your loved ones.

Personalize gift box to your desire with customized logo and color.

All of our teas are packed in pyramid tea bags for better taste and better health benefit.

Cleansing detoxification tea in pyramid tea bag
The Giving Tea product line